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    The chalet

    The chalet is a rural construction, mainly made of wood, located in mountain regions.
    The term "chalet" is also used to describe a building where cheese was made in summer in the high mountain pastures or pastures.
    The name of this building varies from one region to another and may have been a cheese dairy or a mountain pasture house as a permanent dwelling.
    It is a building built of wooden planks, with a steeply projecting roof covered with shingles and stones to retain the snow.
    It is only in the XIX em and XX em centuries, with the tourism that the name chalet for these buildings, it is widespread and takes a conotation of luxury and prestige.
    The chalet, is an Arpitan word from French-speaking Switzerland (a dialect), for a sheltered place, or a stone shelter. The arpitan (being a Romance language spoken in France, Switzerland and Italy) or called Franco provençal.
    The term arpitan itself means mountain dweller or shepherd.
    The chalet, which has become a luxury property, adapts perfectly to its wooded, mountain environment. Nowadays we find in the construction of the chalets, all their specificities, with an architecture in wood, visible beams, comfortable, modern or contemporary, the stones, a projecting roof, which can be hornemental or aesthetic, but having a real role of protection of the facade against the bad weather, noble materials.